IMG Australia   Aug 4, 2020

What is the difference between IC100 Static Bed & The Icare Companion Base


  • Both beds can be recessed for a Partner Set-up
  • Both beds are flat beds with no functions
  • Both beds can have headboards and footboards mounted to them
  • Both beds are only available in Long Single and King Single sizes

  • IC100 Static Bed

  • IC100 has a 200kg weight rating
  • IC100 base height is 37cm (slighly higher than the companion base)
  • IC100 has Lockable Castor Wheels
  • IC100 is compatible with side rails and accessories
  • The Companion Base

  • The Companion Base is made from Australian Timber
  • The Companion Base is a slat system
  • The Companion Base looks more like a domestic bed
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