IMG Australia   Aug 7, 2020

Why should I consider an Icare Mattress Overlay over a new Icare Pressure Relieving Mattress

The Icare Pressure Care Overlay is designed to provide added pressure relief and comfort on an existing mattress. These overlays are heat and pressure sensitive causing them to soften around pressure points and inflamed areas.

A Mattress Overlay is an affordable way to provide relief for the short-term; especially for short-term illness, recovery from surgery or to provide added comfort to an existing mattress.

Another way the Overlays are frequently used is with a alternating air mattress. When an air mattress is used on a profiling bed, the air pressure can change when the bed positions are adjusted. By having the 50mm Overlay on top (or underneath) the mattress – this provides the bed user a basic layer of comfort instead of them laying flat on the hard bed surface.

Second consideration with air mattresses is they are cold to lay on, having the 50mm ActiveX Mattress Overlay on the top assists with body temperature regulation, while responding to the air pressure within the alternating air mattress. This is also true with roho cushions and other air products.

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