Icare Bed Wedge

Large folding bed wedge

An Icare Bed Wedge can be used to elevate the upper body to alleviate acid reflux, respiratory problems, and back or neck pain.

Icare Bed Wedge can also be used to increase circulation and reduce conditions such as varicose veins in the legs.

Ventilated Base Fabric
Vant fabric is a three-dimensional polypropylene material that has high air permeability and is anti-bacterial. Using this in the base greatly increases air movement.

Icare Bed Wedge

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Icare Bed Wedge


High density ActiveX™ Material

Folds for easy storage

» Zip off washable cover
» Three in one design

Width: 78cm
Length: 68cm
Depth: 21cm (thick end)

The Icare bed wedge can also be placed under one end of the mattress for alleviating head or legs

Head raise

Foot raise

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