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What is the difference between IC100 Static Bed & The Icare Companion Base


  • Both beds can be recessed for a Partner Set-up
  • Both beds are flat beds with no functions
  • Both beds can have headboards and footboards mounted to them
  • Both beds are only available in Long Single and King Single sizes

  • IC100 Static Bed

  • IC100 has a 200kg weight rating
  • IC100 base height is 37cm (slighly higher than the companion base)
  • IC100 has Lockable Castor Wheels
  • IC100 is compatible with side rails and accessories
  • The Companion Base

  • The Companion Base is made from Australian Timber
  • The Companion Base is a slat system
  • The Companion Base looks more like a domestic bed
  • Is there an extra charge for the new fabrics?

    No, the standard fabrics are no charge.
    This includes Onyx, Stone, Silver and Smoke.

    The vinyls still have the surcharge.

    Do the Icare Beds have a Zero Gravity function?

    Yes, but not as a pre-programmed button.
    Every person has their own unique zero gravity position. Having the flexibility to adjust and tilt the bed, allows for the bed user and carers to achieve the specific position.

    IC333 Homecare Bed Special Feature

    When the comfortable position for the user is achieved, the user or carer is then able to make incremental adjustments using Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg functions to move the pressure points along the body contours. This helps to prevent carer injuries and the frequent repositioning of someone manually.
    We offer FREE training workshops for Occupational Therapists and Dealers on Pressure Care – to find out more please CLICK HERE.

    Does the IC333 have battery backup and how does it work?

    Yes IC333 beds have a heavy duty battery back-up. They are automatically charging when plugged into the power.

    When the power fails, the battery power kicks in straight away and will provide use for 2-3 days of intermittent use.

    The battery will recharge when the power supply is reconnected.
    When the battery power is running low, a alarm will sound while the bed continues to operate (although slower than normal) it would need to be connected to power again urgently to recharge the battery.

    When do I need to supply a Diagram/Script with my order?

    With any two bed models ordered – we will usually check with you, to find out if you need these to be ‘a partner set-up’.

    Any two beds put together – with a recessed surround in the centre; we call this ‘a partner set-up’.
    Where two beds are together like this (with no gap between the mattresses) we need a partner diagram form.

    If these are to be separate beds, we don’t need a diagram for the two separate beds.

    For more information on partner set-ups – you can find it here or click here to download the information pack.

    What sizes of sheets do I use for my Icare Bed?

    Depending on the manufacturer, the following sheets will fit these sizes;

    • Long Single Bed = Single or Long Single Sheet Set
    • King Single Bed = King Single Sheet Set
    • Long Double Bed = Double or Queen Sheet Set
    • Queen = Queen Sheet Set
    • Split Queen = 2x Long Single Sheet Sets
    • Split King = 2x Long Single Sheet Sets

    We have a range of bed sheets designed to fit adjustable beds. Please click here to view the range.

    How do I find a showroom near me?

    Give us a call on 1800 105 853 or emailing our support team on, let us know your suburb and postcode for details of a showroom near you.

    What fabrics can we get the beds in?

    All beds and headboards are available in six choices:

    Fabric: Onyx
    Fabric: Stone
    Fabric: Smoke *NEW*
    Fabric: Silver *NEW*
    Vinyl: Dove
    Vinyl: Ebony

    Note: Surcharges apply for the vinyl options.

    Can I get one headboard for my partner set-up?

    Each bed must have its own headboard so the beds can raise and lower independently of each other. We carry them in all sizes to fit specially for partner set-ups.

    How does the partner set-up join together?

    The two partner beds push together so there is no gap between the mattresses. The wheels can be locked on both sides. We cannot join the two beds together, as this creates an entrapment issue.

    Can I use an electric blanket with an Icare Memory Foam Mattress?

    Yes, for sure. We recommend on low and medium settings only.

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