IMG Australia   Nov 14, 2023

Equipment Expo – Dec 2023

Join us for Equipment Expo in Abbotsford VIC

Full range of AT equipment including recently launched and new products;
VMotion rise and recline chair, with choice of fabric and inseats.
– Supporta cushions including; Hip Abductor, Bariatric Seat Cushion, Body Positioning Wedge, Rotator Cuff Cushion.
– VFit customisable comfort chair, adjustable features and innovative support (not yet released).
– and so much more…!

Schedule an inservice training, and request certificate for CPD points.
Pick-up the new resources and brochures.


Abbotsford VIC | Tuesday 5th Dec – Thursday 7th Dec
Corporate Living Accommodation
611 Victoria Street
Abbotsford VIC 3067


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